Marketing for Nonprofits


In its bewildering history, marketing has encountered many definitions but what it means, basically, is selling something for a profit. The object or purpose of a transaction can vary extensively but most of the time it comes to satisfying a requirement, desire or to replace an absolute merchandise or outperformed items.


What is known to be a nonprofit organization has activities in a large number of domains mostly artistic, environmental and cultural. This type of organization is primarily interested in supporting a cause or a known affair, generally in a public or domain, for a goal other then the intension of making a profit (i.e. charity).

Political Marketing

In a paper published by Roger Mortimore entitled “Why politics needs marketing” back in 2006 the subject of political marketing was brushed off emphasizing on the need of political institutions to take extra steps into reaching their public. This need was found to be driven mainly by the predominantly negative image politicians have and poor public information campaign.