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Personalized Gifts For Clients

Client gifts can help foster stronger emotional ties to your brand and strengthen customer retention, as well as foster repeat purchases of goods or services from you. Personalized gifts make an excellent way to remind clients about your business relationship every day, plus add an additional special touch by customizing with a message or logo […]

Online Marketing for Shopify

In online marketing for shopify, it is necessary to apply strategies that will be beneficial to you and your business. One of these is search engine optimization (SEO). This is one of the most effective strategies when trying to achieve a high rank on search engine results. The more you optimize your web pages and […]

Christmas Tree Hire for Businesses

Whether you are going to hire a tree for your own personal use or as a gift for a client, corporate Christmas tree hire can give you the option of picking the perfect one at a price you can afford. Christmas trees are an important aspect of any holiday event and picking one that will […]

Making A Conference More Successful

Planning a conference is never an easy job, even when you engage the services of competent service providers. At the end of the conference, you want all the participants to feel like it’s been the best conference ever and have an assurance that they’ve gotten value for money. Whatever the industry you are in, there […]

The Differences between Google and Facebook for Marketing

If you are running a business and you are not getting much from it, you might want to learn about the differences between Google and Facebook for marketing. These two social media sites have become incredibly popular and they are able to provide businesses with a means of increasing their customer base. Knowing what these […]

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The concept of  “guerrilla marketing”, referring to promotional activities with very low budget performed in unconventional ways was discussed in 1982 in Jay Conrad Levinson’s book “Guerrilla Marketing”. In particular cases we may also call it stealth marketing, a form of undercover marketing which leaves the target audience unaware that they have been marketed. Creativity […]

The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the most notable of all the marketing terms, being the main element of the marketing decisions and tactics. Also identified as “the four P’s”, the marketing mix consists of: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The balance of these elements in the marketing plan is crucial as the manager has to meet customers’ […]

Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle refers to the stages a product transits during its existence as market offer. The life cycle can be analyzed on several levels: product, brand, model. When analyzing a life cycle, the following aspects must be considered: Products have a limited life regardless of their nature Product sales fluctuate during their life cycle, generating changes, opportunities and threats […]

How to Get Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is a surprisingly developing area of marketing, much more effective than commercials, that instead of interrupting customer’s favorite show, creates a relationship with the customer,connecting company’s logo with customer’s liking. Corporate sponsorship is defined as a form of advertising where a company employs money or other financial means in supporting an organization, person, event […]